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Today crowdsourcing (from crowd and outsourcing, to outsource some of their activities) is a new model of open enterprise, a new and effective way to find innovative solutions to problems, to contextualize innovations from abroad and develop shared solutions to eliminate barriers to the adoption and acceptance of innovations at national and regional level.

In BNMC, thanks to our specialist partners, we offer the tools and methodologies to make open innovation. We create connections between people with ideas (entrepreneurs, researchers, consumers) and people looking for ideas (companies, institutions, scientific organizations and/or patients). When requested by customers we try to solve problems through the prize.

BNMC supports companies to identify ideas and needs, developing and running challenges to quickly solve problems which have a significative impact on specific programmes.

BNMC team of experts develops crowdsourcing projects that enables clients’ team to:
  • Brainstorm and gather general ideas to seek
      - Marketing insights from customers
      - Solutions to scientific problems
      - Solutions to overcome barriers preventing innovation introduction and/or adoption

  • Encourage a dialog on new ideas that may ultimately bring more health to patients and families by connecting it to diverse sources of ideas including employees, specialists, nurses, partners, and innovate faster, more cost effectively, and with less risk.


  • Resource savings from a faster research process through open innovation
  • Access to a diverse network of experts
  • Fostering a more innovative research culture
  • Improved ability to frame problems in all areas
  • Higher return on investment (ROI)
  • Contribution to commercial product successes as some solutions to scientific problems are integrated into a company’s product development and mktg process

Starting from insights gathered in the field phase, BNMC will develop an online/offline interactive crowdsourcing project aiming at identifying, developing and running online polls or challenges as competitions with award based incentives

To increase the probability of participants engagement/interaction we’ll stronghly focus on:
  • Value creation
  • Participants’ motivation : identify, develop and run a private competition with award based incentives targeting the community
  • “Humanization” of the entire projectual path
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