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Market access

Market access teams take center stage in the modern healthcare landscape, where product success depends on a delicate mixture of factors including positive health outcomes, competitive pricing and effective reimbursement by cost-conscious payers.

To succeed, these teams must harness resources and advance objectives across an incredible network of stakeholders — everyone from internal subfunctions to other major departments to external customers both private and public.

BNMC experts will support market access managers in:
  • Mapping and understanding the local environment – what local processes are in place?
  • Desk analysis aiming at understanding who is involved, what is their sphere of influence, who are the decision makers, key influencers and implementers
  • Understanding of clientis’local priorities – what are their key challenges? What are their main objectives? What information do they need/like and when?
  • Tailor client’s messages to the needs of the customer base – different customers will need a different approach
  • KOL Management & services
  • Content & Knowledge Management
  • Polls/Social surveys
  • Digital advocacy & engagement building
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