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Medical promotion
& education

Helthcare marketing
& communication

& internal communication

Market access

Patient education
and information


Salesforce impact


Helthcare marketing & communication

The introduction of market logic and the activation of the process of corporatization in health care facilities attaches to marketing and communication an important role in managing supply effectively and efficiently and experience with appropriateness of the growing demand for health.

BNMC supports healthcare providers to:
  • Position their service in the relevant market
  • Communicate and promote the services (online-offline)
  • Plan and implement marketing activities
  • Develop and implement strategies for internal communication
  • Improve communication between patient and health care facility
  • To improve the integration between traditional and new communication channels
  • Develop and implement training courses medical (FAD and residential)
  • Generate interaction with people discussing and seeking health information online
  • Generate interest around its promotional
  • Attract new patients with the web site
  • Connect patients, physicians and employees with social media
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