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Social media research seeks to analyse and understand how social media is used in business. It is an integral part of Digital Market Research which is what DigitalMR BNMC partner - is all about. The most popular use is marketing and communications, but social media can also be used for customer care, operational improvements, R&D, competitive intelligence, internal and external collaboration.

In addition to using traditional online surveys and analytics to find out more about how people/customers use social media DigitalMR uses two groups of Digital Solutions: Active Web Listening and Private Online Communities.

  • Access Panels
  • Quantitative Research Online
  • Qualitative Research Online
  • Web Strategy Workshops
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Web Usability
  • Needs Based Segmentation
  • Concept Testing
  • Innovation and Ideation
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Private Online Communities
  • Active Web Listening
  • Employee Engagement
  • Customer Experience
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