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The e-revolution

The importance of the role of the web in Italy has grown dramatically over the last decade and compared to only a few years ago, people have at their disposal a number of tools to learn, discuss, keep in touch, and rely more and more on the opinion of their peers. As a result, the Internet offers new opportunities for managers to help people looking for health information, but success depends on TRUST.

Building trust does not mean developing a website and even connect people with the brand name of the drug but listen to what is its real needs and provide them with useful links and information that are clear and comprehensive (websites, search results, banner, email , blogs, social networks, video and photo libraries, communities, video diaries, etc. ..). In this way patients and doctors have a better communication and, consequently, better results.

But how do we build websites / forum / blog / etc... that people trust? The first step is listening to the people and their doctors, observe what they do, find out what they are looking for, learn everything you need to:
  • Provide them with information, rich, detailed, and comprehensive they need to make tough decisions ... And to change their lives
  • Make that information easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to use
  • Make the connection easy for both customers and their doctors
  • Make it easy to share the best sources of information about their medical condition
  • Build interactive tools that people can actually use to manage their treatment and their health
  • Build these places around people not around us or our drug’s brand

The success of a digital marketing project is always built on a winning strategy developed and implemented starting from multiple research cycles that include listening, analyzing, understanding and engaging consumers and their online behavior.
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