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Develop, in line with the new communication strategy, educational and informational materials addressing doctor and patient.


Communication objectives
  • Educate / inform ENT doctors on the validity and usefulness of hearing aids
  • Educate / inform patients about the importance of “taylormade” solutions and an effective management of the "adaptation phase"
  • Present Amplifon as the partner of choice for both the physician and the patient/client
  • To provide a full "endorsement" and the highest "awareness" of products and services on the target of ENT doctors
Business Objectives
  • Increase prospects arising from the target physician and, therefore, the sales of hearing aids
  • Increase physicians’ retention rate
  • Strengthen patients’ retention rate


  • promotional materials produced were highly appreciated by both the sales force and physicians and acousticians
  • tutti i materiali realizzati hanno avuto un’ampia divulgazione in linea con gli obiettivi prefissati
  • grazie ai materiali realizzati amplifon e’ riuscita a raggiungere un target del 90% dei medici

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